A Universal Workhorse with Unprecedented Speed!

   Maag , part of Dover Corporation's Pump Solutions Group (PSG®),is a leading global provider of innovative, high-quality industrial gear pumps for the safe and efcient transfer of liquids . Maag is proud to ofer the G Series. This durable, fexible and efcient positive displacement gear pump excels in challenging applications. It is reliable, durable and capable of overcoming your most difcult fuid-transfer needs. Engineered with the pump user in-mind, G Series pumps are ideally suited for applications requiring a pump that can move thin fuids, as well as transferring very demanding viscous liquids.

   Our world-class distributor network ensures that you will have access to the pump you need when you need it. We are devoted to your business's success servicing your needs with world-class products, delivery and best-in-class expertise. G Series combines all of this while ofering some of the shortest gear pump lead times in the industry. Put us to the test today and contact your local distributor at www.maag.com.

 Quality • Speed of Delivery • Interchangeability

G SeriesPumps are Ideally Suited For…

• Chemical processing • Petrochemicals • Soaps and detergents
• Paints, coatings and adhesives • Inks and pigments • Rubbers and plastics
• Resins • Polyurethane foam • Food and beverage
• Chocolate • Oilseed • Pharmaceuticals
• Personal care products • Textile manufacturing • Fire retardants
• Asphalt • Petroleum refning • Petroleum distribution
• Oil and gas • Roofng materials • Construction
• Hot oils • Hydraulic oils • Heat-transfer fuids
• Glycol • Automotive • Pulp and paper
• Mining • Lubricating grease and oil • Water/wastewater treatment

G Series Applications

   G Series pumps are excellent for transferring high-viscosity fuids and are designed with only two moving parts. This pump operates equally well in both directions and pro-vides a positive, non-pulsating fow. Easy to maintain and user-friendly with a single adjustment end-clearance, and an enlarged bearing housing at the rear end of the pump that provides easy drive-end access to the shaft seal and single-point end-clearance adjustment. The pump casing also revolves to allow for multiple inlet and outlet position-ing. The G Series pump has a fexible design and can be customized for your specifc needs.

G series Baseplate systems

    G Series pump baseplate systems are designed to minimize defection and vibration to maximize the life of the pump, motor and gear reducer. In addition, they are designed for easy and accurate shaft alignment.

MAAG : G Series Internal Gear Pumps