A Safer, Greener,More Cost-Effective Pumping Solution

         Maag , part of Dover Corporation's Pump Solutions Group (PSG®), is a leading global provider of innovative, high-quality industrial gear pumps for the safe and eἀcient transfer of liquids . Maag is proud to oḀer EnviroGear®, a durable and environmentally friendly positive displacement seal-less gear pump. EnviroGear pumps save you money by providing a low initial cost, high performance and low maintenance costs.Our world-class distributor network ensures that you will have access to the pump you need when you need it. We are devoted to your business's success, servicing your needs with world-class products, delivery and best-in-class expertise. EnviroGear combines all of this while oḀering some of the shortest gear pump lead times in the industry. Put us to the test today and contact your local distributor at www.maag.com

EnviroGearPumps are Ideally Suited For…

• Adhesives • Biofuels
• Chemicals • Food processing
• Lube oil and grease • Paint and coatings
• Petrochemical • Petroleum additives
• Polyurethane • Printing
• Resins • Soaps


     Our revolutionary seal-less design with patented between-the-bearing support system effectively eliminates leaks and mechanical wear, helping to increase personal and envi-ronmental safety. Leveraging unique patented design features, EnviroGear is not just a magnetically coupled, mechanically sealed or traditional internal gear pump. EnviroGear has completely reinvented internal gear pump technology with a true engineered solution speciᴀcally designed from the inside-out for environmentally conscious ᰀuid handling, both for thin ᰀuids, as well as hard-to-seal viscous fuids.
• Patented between-the-bearing support system technology
• High reliability and durability
• 50% reduction in maintenance costs
• Lowest overall cost of ownership
• Increased environmental and fluid handling safety
• Single-fluidchamber seal-less design eliminates leaks
• Interchangeable with mechanically sealed and packed gear pumps

Interchangability Allows Upgrading Existing Gear Pumps With Minimal Installation Costs

       EnviroGear pumps have been designed to be inter-changeable with up to 95% of the internal gear pumps that are currently available in the market. That means no piping changes, no driver changes, no coupling changes, no ᰀow-rate changes and no baseplate changes. The EnviroGear side-ported casing is also interchangeable with a number of lobe pumps.


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