HM Series Electric Actuators and Control Systems


  - HM-series electric multi-turn actuator is specially designed for all multi turn valve applications such as globe, gate valves and similar usages.

  - Wide range or output torque and control options meet your specific requirement.

  - HM - series provides high reliability and performance.

  - HM series is simple and safe, and rapid non-intrusive commissioning with infra - red control.

  - The digital positon display clearly indicates the status of valve and actuator.

  - With our extensive product range and engineering knowledge, HKC can provide solutions for customer requirements.

  - User friendly easy controls and indication.

   Simple commissioning & trouble - shooting


Intelligent Control System

  - Intergrated design ZIMD , Local / Stop / Remote control )

  - Wide range of electric power application

  - Built - in auto phase discriminator

  - Easy of setting and operation.

  - Comprehensive contrlo and flexibility

  - Support english and korean languages

  - Torque and position control increased reliability

HKC Valve Automation