All Models for Industrial Applications

  The EBSRAY MD & HD Series of lnternal Gear Pumps are a range of
medium and heavy duty, positive displacement pumps suitable for handling a diverse variety of products covering a wide rage of viscosities, temperatures, flows and pressures.

Fields of Appilcation

EBSRAY Internal Gear Pumps are widely used and preferred in numerous and diverse industrial pumping applications including :

Petroleum / fuel oil industry. Defence.
Plastics manufacture. Heavy industry.
Paint manufacturing. Power stations.
Chemical industry. Food processing.
Road tanker liquids transfer. Public utilities.
Bitumen road sealing. Mining Industry.

Features :

  • Reliable operation - time proven principle
  • Rugged Heavy Duty construction.
  • Ease of maintenance - only two major moving pumping elements.
  • Optional standard configurations and builds available to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Integral and In-Line Relief / Bypass Valves.
  • Low NPSHR capability.

Special Constructions :

Contact EBSRAY or your local Representative for advice on alternate arrangements to meet aplications not outlined in this publication.

Assured Quality and Performance :

EBSRAY's ISO 9001 Quality System assures compliance with high safety and quality standards. All Ebsray MD & HD Series pumps & pumpsets are manufactured under strict guidelines guarantee pump integrity and pumping performance in accordance with the specifications.